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Dear guests and friends,

Sulden and South Tyrol are looking for your way out of the exceptional situation and your vacation is possible again if the known precautionary measures are observed. We open on June 3rd. and with the utmost care and in the usual quality we strive to make your vacation as pleasant and carefree as possible.

Sulden survived the disease unscathed and has never been diagnosed with corona in the entire municipality. The Vinschgau and the entire western half of South Tyrol have been almost spared by the Panademie. We open the summer season on June 3rd, 2020and would like to inform you below about everything worth knowing about the new situation. Taking the legal requirements into account, we have taken the following precautionary measures in our company:



The minimum clearances in all public areas are respected. Hygiene and cleanliness are our quality promise to you and have top priority. All surfaces and contact points are disinfected and cleaned. You will find a disinfection dispenser in all common areas.



In times like these, it is once again evident that small, flexible companies can be more easily attuned to the challenges. Our longstanding employees are very familiar with your work and new, demanding tasks like these are taken very seriously. The Sulden vacation takes place outside. Hiking, walking, mountaineering, climbing and cycling. Sulden is small and the mountains offer space for everyone. You will never find crowds, queues and close to each other here.



The German Foreign Office warns against not not, tourist trips abroad. This travel warning will remain until June 14th. This does not imply a legally effective ban on departure. An exit is only a matter of whether the destination country agrees to enter. With the opening of Italy's border on June 3, the entry permit was granted. This is gold-plated to lose the quarantine regulations, dies in the general federal states already lifted and according to loud German politicians in all federal contracts will be lifted by June 15th. Passage through Austria or Switzerland is permitted.



Entry from Italy is currently only permitted if a medical health certificate with a familiological test that is not older than four days can be obtained. For Austrian guests dies that they will enter Italy on June 3, but according to the ÖAMTC, they must return to quarantine at the current status, according to information. Passing through Austria without a stop is allowed, leaving is safe. As of June 3, this is no contact with the personal limit. Train traffic from Italy to Austria has been turned since March 10, 2020.



You cannot currently enter Switzerland without a residence or work permit. Switzerland is hindering the journey. The Swiss authorities also do not prescribe quarantine measures after entry. Foreign persons who enter Switzerland in order to cross them directly and leave for their home country or the country in which they have their own state-related residence are permitted to transit. This means that e.g. B. a German guest is now not allowed to drive through Switzerland on arrival, is already guided on the return journey, since he is then heading towards his place of residence. A Swiss ID or Swiss passport is required to enter Switzerland. The same behavior is required when passing through an ID card or passport.



Help us to comply with the hygiene measures. Wash your hands several times a day and take the safety distances into account. In this regard, also pay attention to your children and those people who cannot implement this approach as easily as we do. Avoid unnecessary contact points e.g. Use the stairs.


If you have any questions or would like more information about the current situation in South Tyrol and Italy, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We will do our best to answer all your questions.


Mail .:


Fon .: +39 0473 613 106


We look forward to welcoming you back to the Waldheim s

oon with kind regards from Sulden

Fam. Volgger

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